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20 Easy Tricks For Improving Vintage Clothes

Thrifting can be awesome (clothes are cheaper and more unique, you get a smug sense of accomplishment), but sometimes things just don't fit right. Here's how to make even the most unlikely finds work for you.

1. Make a baggy blouse into a fitted top:

2. Pant legs too long? Here's how to hem them:

3. Take in a dress to make it slimmer:

4. You can achieve a similar effect at the waist just by adding elastic:

5. If a T-shirt is too small, add a panel of fabric to each seam:

6. Just because a seam is ripped, it doesn't mean you should pass over a great piece of clothing:

7. Turn a too-small sweater into a cardigan:

8. If you happen to find a fabric you love, use it to add embellishments to your cardigan:

9. Remake a vintage dress by removing the shoulder pads:

10. Easily repair a broken zipper:

11. Turn a dress into a shirt:

12. Like the fabric of a men's shirt but hate the fit? Turn it into a skirt:

13. A dress shirt can also become a bag:

14. Sometimes, simply sewing on new buttons can make an item look brand-new:

15. Alter a pencil skirt for a custom fit:

16. A thrifted silk tie can become a headband:

17. Or a necklace:

18. Make sleeves and armholes slimmer:

19. Make cozy leggings out of a gigantic men's T-shirt:

20. Lengthen a dress or skirt with lace: