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18 Things That Happen When Knitters Get Together

At Vogue Knitting LIVE!, a huge knitting convention, you'll find knitted lobsters, a former America's Next Top Model contestant, and, of course, Batman.

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1. The food isn't edible.

The convention, which is sponsored by Vogue Knitting magazine, took place in Manhattan from Friday through Sunday. It was held in Chicago in October and will be heading to Seattle in April, and comprises hundreds of classes, vendors, fashion shows and panels. Basically, it's the entire knitting world squeezed into a Marriot Marquis.

This is a qiviut.

Doesn't he look nice? Also, "qiviut" is an unbelievably annoying word in Words With Friends and Scrabble and the like, because it has a Q that's not followed by a U but then THE U APPEARS LATER IN THE WORD.

7. Former "America's Next Top Model" contestants steal the spotlight.

Photo by Holly Ellis of Ellis Design

We already knew of the strange and beautiful relationship between knitting magazines and former ANTM stars, but it's another thing entirely to witness it in the flesh. Either this girl is a total doppelganger of April Wilkner, from Cycle 2, or the tradition lives on.

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