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18 Things That Happen When Knitters Get Together

At Vogue Knitting LIVE!, a huge knitting convention, you'll find knitted lobsters, a former America's Next Top Model contestant, and, of course, Batman.

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1. The food isn't edible.

The convention, which is sponsored by Vogue Knitting magazine, took place in Manhattan from Friday through Sunday. It was held in Chicago in October and will be heading to Seattle in April, and comprises hundreds of classes, vendors, fashion shows and panels. Basically, it's the entire knitting world squeezed into a Marriot Marquis.

All the knitted food comes from a project by Colorful Stitches, a yarn store in Lenox, MA.

2. And you can't drink the booze.

3. Things that would normally qualify as broomsticks or weapons can be used as knitting needles.

These are size 50. Just look at the card in the corner for comparison.

4. It's not unreasonable to drop nearly a hundred bucks on a single ball of yarn.

Qiviut is a type of muskox, and its wool is legendary for its warmth and durability.

This is a qiviut.

Doesn't he look nice? Also, "qiviut" is an unbelievably annoying word in Words With Friends and Scrabble and the like, because it has a Q that's not followed by a U but then THE U APPEARS LATER IN THE WORD.

5. You can get to know the lil' guys who produce your goods.

Alpacas are key members of society. This yarn comes from the Long Island Livestock Company.

6. Knitters sit front row at fashion shows.

7. Former "America's Next Top Model" contestants steal the spotlight.

Photo by Holly Ellis of Ellis Design

We already knew of the strange and beautiful relationship between knitting magazines and former ANTM stars, but it's another thing entirely to witness it in the flesh. Either this girl is a total doppelganger of April Wilkner, from Cycle 2, or the tradition lives on.

Photo by Holly Ellis of Ellis Design

Tyra clearly taught her how to strut.

8. Ponchos get their sartorial chance.

Photo by Holly Ellis of Ellis Design

Although the model doesn't look super pumped to be wearing one.

9. As do cozy sweaters.

Photo by Holly Ellis of Ellis Design

10. You can take a break when you need to.

Complete with hand massages.

11. These exist.

They're aliens/hats/Art.

12. So do these.

Just a bunch of felted hands.

13. Literally anything can become yarn, like the tape from VHS cassettes.

These crocheted vessels are by artist Adrian Kershaw, who works entirely with recycled materials.

14. And steel.

It's by Habu Textiles, and knitting with it feels like magic.

15. And milk.

Get it from Kollage.

16. Women pretty much dominate, except for the errant (awesome) dude.

17. Everywhere you look, there are more incredible colors.

This was taken with no filter.

18. This truth is universally acknowledged.

Preach. Get yours from Tess' Designer Yarns.

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