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18 Things That Happen When Knitters Get Together

At Vogue Knitting LIVE!, a huge knitting convention, you'll find knitted lobsters, a former America's Next Top Model contestant, and, of course, Batman.

1. The food isn't edible.

2. And you can't drink the booze.

3. Things that would normally qualify as broomsticks or weapons can be used as knitting needles.

4. It's not unreasonable to drop nearly a hundred bucks on a single ball of yarn.

This is a qiviut.

5. You can get to know the lil' guys who produce your goods.

6. Knitters sit front row at fashion shows.

7. Former "America's Next Top Model" contestants steal the spotlight.

8. Ponchos get their sartorial chance.

9. As do cozy sweaters.

10. You can take a break when you need to.

11. These exist.

12. So do these.

13. Literally anything can become yarn, like the tape from VHS cassettes.

14. And steel.

15. And milk.

16. Women pretty much dominate, except for the errant (awesome) dude.

17. Everywhere you look, there are more incredible colors.

18. This truth is universally acknowledged.