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16 Outfits You Really Shouldn't Make Your Baby Wear

Their fate is in your hands. Please, let them keep a shred of dignity.

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3. Don't call attention to your baby's bodily functions.

They're BABIES; that's what they're SUPPOSED TO DO. (In fact, that's what humans are supposed to do.) Bonus pro-tip: don't use your baby to promote/ denounce Apple products. For all you know, they'll grow up to truly value PCs.


16. Baby perfume. Don't do it.

"But perfume isn't an outfit!" you cry. Good, so we agree: no perfume for your baby, even if it is peddled by Messrs Dolce and Gabbana. Remember, although right now your baby is little more than a potato that can drool, one day it will grow up and probably become an internet blogger and you don't want to read all the mean things it will write about you.

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