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16 Kids Who Are Not Excited For Halloween

Someone dressed them up in these ridiculous costumes and now they are so sad.

1. Sad egg and bacon:

2. Unhappy monkey:

3. Grave iPhone:

4. Solemn guy from "Up":

5. Ennui-riddled peas and carrots:

6. Depressed sushi:

7. Candy corn that wishes it were someplace else:

Available at ventichai

8. Startled Oompa-Loompa:

9. Bewildered Man from "Curious George":

10. Gloomy purse:

11. Sullen ladybug:

12. House-elf from "Harry Potter" that doesn't understand why you made him do this:

13. Lobster that will require a lot of therapy:

14. Distressed ewok:

15. Max from "Where The Wild Things Are" who has seen things he hopes you never see:

16. Unimpressed superhero:

So you too can ruin a child's entire October.

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