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Posted on Oct 4, 2012

16 Kids Who Are Not Excited For Halloween

Someone dressed them up in these ridiculous costumes and now they are so sad.

1. Sad egg and bacon:

2. Unhappy monkey:

3. Grave iPhone:

4. Solemn guy from "Up":

5. Ennui-riddled peas and carrots:

6. Depressed sushi:

7. Candy corn that wishes it were someplace else:

Available at ventichai

8. Startled Oompa-Loompa:

9. Bewildered Man from "Curious George":

10. Gloomy purse:

11. Sullen ladybug:

12. House-elf from "Harry Potter" that doesn't understand why you made him do this:

13. Lobster that will require a lot of therapy:

14. Distressed ewok:

15. Max from "Where The Wild Things Are" who has seen things he hopes you never see:

16. Unimpressed superhero:

So you too can ruin a child's entire October.

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