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What Your Facebook Cover Photo Says About You.

If you have an inspirational quote, now is the time to look away.

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Photo of you and your friends on a night out

Who you put in this cover photo is a statement, much like your MSN name written LiKe ThIs BaCk In HiGh ScHoOl, to show Facebook an identity you hold onto tighter than Miley Cyrus’s hot pants. High school was your golden years, and you want people to know that you and your friends (or ‘Mah Gurlz’) still have a good time. Your Tinder profile only has group shots, so no one knows which one you are. Your nights start with selfies in the bathroom mirror, but end with you in an Uber eating Maccas’ chips out of the bag with your make up all messed up after a drunk cry session in the bathrooms...but how good was dancing to Beyonce's 'Drunk in Love' last night.

Inspirational quote super-imposed on nature photography.

You drink soy lattes or Mochas and buy Lorna Jane singlets to wear to the movies. You frequently trawl through your Instagram or Pintrest for things related to “gypsy”, “travel”, “love” or “free-spirit”. You’ve tried Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and everything in-between but as soon as it's someone's birthday in the office you are all about that cake. You live by the motto “treat yourself” and go ape shit for coconut-scented candles – and anything rose gold in Kmart. Friends is one of your favourite TV shows of all time. You’re either a Mum or going through a break up (and think a quote you found on Google was a way to show the world you’re a strong, independent woman)

The Simpsons reference (also applies to Seinfeld)

What a great way to express your devotion to your favorite show, and to show your Facebook friends that you’re so nonchalantly cool. You probably live in the past – the good old days – and are that person at a party reminding everyone about that one time you all had this really awesome time and it was hilarious. You’re always referencing The Simpsons, and put anyone that doesn’t “get” your reference probably in the same disregard as people who think the latest season of The Simpsons is funny. You refuse to grow up and pretty smug about that too. You're probably on Tinder right now sending a Seinfeld GIF.

Metal band related

You drink and/or smoke (A lot) and there’s a 99% chance you have a tattoo sleeve. You think people assume you’re always angry, unemployed or worship the devil. You love horror movies and your collection of band tees. You have a strange affinity with Cameo print shorts and skate shoes. You own, or used to own, a bunch of fantasy books and video games – plus you have a sword or some other medieval looking weapon somewhere at home.

Skate brand or Skateboarding related

You don’t even own a board, but you own six different coloured Trasher T-shirts (without being too sure of what Thrasher even is). You probably can’t name a skater that isn’t Tony Hawk or Ryan Sheckler. You wear Nike SB shoes to the pub, and the only Ollie you know is that that guy always getting real loose at parties.

A Rick and Morty Reference

You're someone who is constantly tagging your mates in memes, looking at memes, posting memes and essentially hating humanity and wishing the world was just one big meme instead. You think everyone is stupid and doesn’t understand the complexity and hilarity of Rick and Morty. You also smoke weed. A lot .

Now, Time to get riggity riggity wrecked son!

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