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Here's What It Feels Like Being The Other "American Idol" Host

In his Twitter bio Brian Dunkleman calls himself a "television history footnote."

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Let's rewind back to ye olden days of 2002. American Idol is in its first season, Kelly Clarkson is on her path to victory, and two hosts preside over it all.

Dunkleman has said in the past that he left the show to pursue an acting career and because he "didn't like watching those kids being brought to tears like that."

"You got to make up your mind that either you are going to be that angry guy for the rest of your life, or you gotta move on. It's taken me a long time to get there."


Brian Dunkleman was an American Idol host. The headline of this post initially referred to him as a judge, which is not the case, although he did in a way pass judgment on the proceedings.

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