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John Boyega Shut Down Black History Month Haters On Twitter And It Was Beautiful

"Happy you can celebrate it too month with a side of ssshhh."

On February 1, unofficially known as Black Excellence Day and officially known as the first day of Black History Month, John Boyega tweeted this:

Twitter: @JohnBoyega

It reads "Happy black history month X."

Then, of course, a familiar call rang out from the public:

The tweet has since been deleted, but initially said "happy racially divided month." We have all been here.

Boyega, of course, had a response ready.

Twitter: @JohnBoyega

"Happy you can celebrate it too month with a side of ssshhh."

Multiple responses, in fact, to multiple people.

Twitter: @JohnBoyega

"Please take several seats black history month is more than that."

He simply wasn't having it.

Twitter: @JohnBoyega

"Black history is American history, always thought it was weird having just a month dedicated," Twitter user @kharsh07 tweeted at Boyega.

"💤💤💤💤," Boyega responded.

But enough of this nonsense – let's get back to celebrating Black History Month with John Boyega.

LucasFilm / Via Twitter: @StarWarsUK

Boyega out.

Thumbnail via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.