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Neville Longbottom Was And Remains Peak Husband Material

If you don't think he grew into a wizard Ben Wyatt, then you're wrong.

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LISTEN UP: Neville Longbottom would make the best husband in the entire damn universe, and I will fight you if you think otherwise.

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Neville would hold my earrings and blush in the background. As I fight you.


7. Plus he's seen it all, so your own emotional baggage wouldn't bother him at all.

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Because no one has more emotional baggage than Neville and his friends, so how bad can yours really be?

9. This is a guy who goes to bat for what he believes in.

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And when you're what he believes in? You can bet he'd challenge himself to be the best partner the world's ever seen.

10. Because Neville would never let you feel bad about yourself. It's just not who he is.



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