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21 Weird Side Effects Of Being A Person Of Color Raised By White People

I love you, family. But this was weird.

1. When you're out and about, no one will believe that your parents are actually your parents.


"So how do you two know each other?" "I literally came out of this woman's body."

2. Or that your siblings are actually your siblings.

ABC Family

3. You're intimately acquainted with searching "where are you from?" questions from strangers.

TNT / Via

"But like...before that, where did your parents come from?"

4. You're thoroughly confused as to why the world makes such a big deal out of interracial relationships.

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It's just been your reality from the get-go.

5. Most of your family has absolutely no idea what to do with your hair.


Which probably led to you not having any idea what to do with your hair growing up.

6. But you get sunburnt way less easily in any situation than your family members do.

Roc Nation / Via

(Note: You should still wear sunscreen.)

7. Some family members still think they know what being a PoC is like because they're related to you.

8. And there'll always be that one relative who thinks having a PoC in the family excuses all their racist comments.

Universal Pictures / Via

Nah, dude.

9. And also that one who you dread discussing racial issues with.

Comedy Central / Via

Facebook is a battleground.

10. At least one person will casually refer to you as "exotic" in relation to your family members.

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For real? I'm from Portland.

11. And you're intimately aware of what curious stares from strangers feel like.


Kind of prickly.

12. You've always had a complicated relationship with your racial identity.

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I mean, who doesn't?

13. And you sometimes feel like you have to be the mouthpiece for all brown people anywhere.

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Which is literally impossible, especially considering the massive variety of people of color there are in this world.

14. You've had moments of wishing you looked like everyone else around you.

ABC / Via

Maybe even a lot of them.

15. And you know what it's like to not feel "white" enough or "brown" enough.

16. You've seen firsthand how privilege tries to make itself invisible.

Relativity Media

17. There are parts of you that your family will never be able to relate to.

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And it's both isolating and freeing.

18. And you know pretty intimately what it's like to be the one who stands out.


19. In fact, you've had a pretty windy road to accepting yourself as you.

Michael Berliner/Nick Scott / Via

20. But you've definitely got an awesome duality going on.

NBC / CityTV

21. And that's worth celebrating despite the speed bumps.

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