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    Sep 28, 2015

    We Are All This Screaming Taylor Swift Fan

    Witness the dark, excited soul of fandom.

    Taylor Swift's 1989 tour has been going strong since what feels like the actual year 1989, making its queen more powerful by the day.

    Duane Prokop / Getty Images

    There have been countless celebrity cameos on the tour, but there's only one video that truly sums up what true power looks and feels like.

    ICYMI, there is a moment during the tour where Tay brings out a golf club during "Blank Space." Here we hear a fan screaming and begging their queen to hit them with a golf club.

    And when Tay swings the club onstage....

    For what it's worth, Tay has stated in some Tumblr tags that she will not be hitting any fans with golf clubs.

    But still, the dream lives on.

    Paramount Pictures

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