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17 Times Tumblr Claimed "Captain America: Civil War" As Its Own

It belongs to everybody. But let's be real, Tumblr is this movie's hometown.

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1. When this Tumblr user expressed sincere parental worry.

2. When this person's affection for Peter Parker shined through.

Marvel Studios / Via

3. When this user found day-to-day inspiration in the glory of T'Challa.

4. When this user felt real sexual attraction to a jacked-up stunt.

5. When they accurately portrayed T'Challa's inner monologue.

Universal Pictures / Via

6. When this user presented some beautiful narrative symmetry.

7. When they all got on board with the beauty of T'Challa disrespecting Clint Barton.

8. And when they understood the proper reaction to having the Holy Cat Prince of Fucking Shit Up on your tail.

9. When this user encapsulated the reaction we all had to Peter Parker.

10. When this user showed us the obvious sequel to "so you like cats."

11. When this user talked out the inherent overwhelming...hunger involved in Marvel team-up movies.

12. When they pointed out what a pure, loyal bird knight Sam Wilson is.

Marvel Studios / Via

13. When this user presented a beautiful interpretation of that climactic scene.

14. I mean, literally whenever they nailed the magnificence of Black Panther.

Marvel Studios / Via

15. And whenever they read between the lines re: Sam and Bucky's burgeoning friendship.

16. Whenever they had the perfect GIF on hand.

17. And let's not forget when they just GOT these characters.

(I'm Can U Move Ur Seat Up. Who are you?)

(I'm Can U Move Ur Seat Up. Who are you?)

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