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Steve Rogers Is Getting A Statue In Brooklyn's Prospect Park

*whispers* Just like Balto.

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And 75 years after his creation by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Steve "Captain America" Rogers is getting his very own statue in Prospect Park, the beautiful park at the heart of Brooklyn.


The statue itself, which is 13 feet tall and made of bronze, will be ~unveiled~ at San Diego Comic-Con in late July and then brought home to Brooklyn for a dedication ceremony on Aug. 10. After that, it will tour to-be-announced locations around Brooklyn; it has not yet been announced where the statue will permanently live out its days.


Above you can see the official sketching of the statue's design. As Paul Gitter, SVP of Disney Consumer Products, tells BuzzFeed, "The Captain America statue was designed by Marvel employees to honor and celebrate his enduring legacy in a timelessly classic bronze form. Brooklyn was selected as the perfect place to bring this 13-foot-tall tribute due to the strong hometown pride that Captain America expresses in Marvel’s films."

Cap's had some ups and downs* and plot twists in recent months, but he's certainly a character who's left his mark over his 75 years of existence.

It should also be noted that, while in recent decades Cap's home borough has been Brooklyn, that hasn't always been the case in the comics: Originally Steve Rogers hailed from the Lower East Side. So it seems that the location and the statue will lean a little more toward the MCU version of things.