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5 Pieces Of Advice Stan Lee Has For Creating A Great Superhero

"I take a deep breath, cross my fingers, and hope I can come up with something good."

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Stan Lee, creator of such iconic superheroes as Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor –and many, many more – is currently working with LINE Webtoon on a Superhero Comics Contest with POW! Entertainment.

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Winners will receive $30,000 and become a LINE WEBtoon featured artist. They'll also receive mentorship on their comic from Lee himself.

We spoke to Lee via email about his creative process and his tips for creating a great hero.

On the most important trait a character can have:

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

"He or she has to be colorful, interesting, unusual and sympathetic. If there's one important trait it has to be 'interesting.'"

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

"Each character should have his or her own individual method of speaking, so that if you read a dialogue balloon (without seeing the illustration) you would know who it was who said that dialogue just by the style in which it was spoken."