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Celebrities Listed Their Favorite Movies On Twitter, So Here Are Your New Recommendations

Spoiler alert: They really love the Godfather movies.

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1. Mindy Kaling made her love of Lone Star and Terminator 2 known.

Mindy Kaling / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

2. Amy Schumer adores The Royal Tenenbaums and The Big Lebowski.

Amy Schumer / Via Twitter: @amyschumer

3. Alyssa Milano's a big fan of The Graduate and West Side Story.

Alyssa Milano / Via Twitter: @Alyssa_Milano
Castle Rock Entertainment

4. And Rob Lowe's really into Goodfellas and Jaws.

Rob Lowe / Via Twitter: @RobLowe

5. Taran Killam let us know he likes his movies both fast AND furious.

Taran Killam / Via Twitter: @TaranKillam

6. Josh Gad, meanwhile, loves Back to the Future and the original Ghostbusters.

Josh Gad / Via Twitter: @joshgad

7. Joe Manganiello split his choices into comedy and drama categories. For drama, he loves Pulp Fiction and The Empire Strikes Back...

Joe Manganiello / Via Twitter: @JoeManganiello

...and for comedy, he chose Animal House and the Goldie Hawn classic Overboard.

Joe Manganiello / Via Twitter: @JoeManganiello

8. UnREAL's Shiri Appleby also didn't hold back on her list. She mentioned Pretty Woman and Broadcast News.

Shiri Appleby / Via Twitter: @ShiriAppleby

She's also a fan of Can't Buy Me Love and A League Of Their Own.

Shiri Appleby / Via Twitter: @ShiriAppleby
Parkway Productions

9. And comedian Mike Birbiglia loves Singin' In the Rain and Broadcast News.

Mike Birbiglia / Via Twitter: @birbigs

10. The Big Short writer Adam McKay loves him some Sound Of Music and Office Space.

Adam McKay / Via Twitter: @GhostPanther

11. And The Mindy Project's Ike Barinholtz name-dropped Ernest like nothing else.

Ike Barinholtz / Via Twitter: @ikebarinholtz


12. Stranger Things' Matthew Modine is a fan of Network and Arsenic and Old Lace like the classy man that he is.

Matthew Modine / Via Twitter: @MatthewModine

Share your faves in the comments! And let's get to watchin'.

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