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It's Been 10 Years Since "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" And We're All Closer To Death

Wow I'm getting emotional over a puppet song.

If you were a person who was into Harry Potter in 2007, you might recognize the sweet, haunting sounds of "The Mysterious Ticking Noise."

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A part of the Potter Puppet Pals series created by Neil Cicierega, the video was technically just puppet versions of the Harry Potter characters sniffing out a bomb. But in reality it was so much more than that.

If you were in the Harry Potter fandom or even knew a Harry Potter fan, you probably knew the words.

It was, in a word, iconic.

I mean, the video has accrued over 172 million views on Youtube, which is approximately a shit ton.

That's also around 17 million views a year — because as of March 23, 2017, it's been 10 YEARS since the video was released. TEN YEARS!!!!

In honor of the occasion, Cicierega uploaded a higher-def special anniversary version of the video to YouTube.

And one thing's for sure: No matter how much time passes, we'll always be singing "The Mysterious Ticket Noise" in our hearts 💖.

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