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The One Thing You Never Noticed In "Parks And Recreation"

It's all in Leslie's hair.

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At first, Leslie – like all of us at some point – was a little lost style-wise.


"For the longest time, I felt like I had to keep my hair the color of someone who doesn't quite know the right look for her yet," Amy Poehler told Alan Sepinwall at HitFix in 2015.

But as she found herself, her personal style found her.

"I fought hard in the beginning to say that Leslie had zero style," Poehler said. "And as seasons progressed, we would talk about, 'Maybe she shops at Sears. Maybe there's a good Dress Barn in Indiana.' We started saying, 'With a little bit of power, she just gets a little bit more fashionable.'"


And we take another leap for Lesliekind coming in Season 6, when she leaves the Pawnee Parks department for a job with the National Parks Service. WHERE SHE GETS BANGS.

And, as Poehler herself said, "I always tell Schur, 'Leslie just kept getting darker at the roots, literally and figuratively.'"