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21 Times Tumblr Got Too Real About Kylo Ren

Occupation: the family disappointment.

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1. Kylo Ren and his gwumpy-wumpy nature were a truly notable part of The Force Awakens.

2. It has inspired some beautiful things. Like this on-point Fault in Our Stars parody.

3. And this beautiful imagining of if young Benjamin had some damn respect for Padmé Amidala.

4. Or this confirmation that little Benji isn't entirely caught up on his Star Wars canon.

5. Any Anakin reaction is gold, really.

6. Gramps is cringing from the grave.

7. This peek into the brain of a budding leader.

8. You know it's true.

9. I mean, we know where he lives.

10. Whenever Kylo was ~so relatable~.

11. This thought we all had at some point during Force Awakens.

12. This realness.

13. You know the Stormtroopers know what's up. / Via Disney

14. Everyone on that base was probably using Mean Girls tactics. Kylo's a regular Gretchen Wieners.

15. There's no shortage of teen fare for him to relate to.

16. There's always this connection to Benny's truest soulmate, Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way of My Immortal.

17. Just know in your heart that Han Solo has seen the inside of too many Hot Topics.

18. He picked up some pretty cool swag there, you gotta admit.

19. The theatrics follow him to every scenario.

20. And there's always this callback to an era long ago and far, far away — in 1960s New York City.

21. Kylo knows what he is.

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