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    "Jimmy Kimmel" Blended "Scandal" With "Gossip Girl"

    XOXO Olivia Pope.

    No human person who has born witness to TGIT would ever dare tell you that Scandal is not 100% batshit cray.


    Often in the best of ways.

    On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel, the cast of Scandal took those qualities and spun them off into the next logical space. Y'know....high school.


    Hunter Ulysses Whitman has a rivalry/best friendship with Tanner MacArthur that may or may not end in BETRAYAL AND INTRIGUE.


    As one does.

    Meanwhile, computer geek Nosef and goth princess Jenica can't decide if their relationship is truly dramatic or, fine?


    And Courtney's got a pretty troubling crush on her teacher.


    It's a lot. You can witness all the HIGH-OCTANE DRAMA here, with Kerry Washington's brilliant narration.

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