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    "Iron Fist" Is Getting Roasted On Twitter And It's Glorious

    We all know this guy.

    With new promo images and an even-newer trailer, Marvel's Iron Fist is looming nearer and nearer. And with it, Twitter's saltiness is growing more potent by the DAY.

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    Some have questions.

    Sorry to always be political but what is going on with Iron Fist's hair?

    Some have...observations.

    Iron Fist looks like a good caucasian time

    Wow, the Iron Fist trailer looks pretty bad.

    Usually my reaction is "Put them in the damn costume!" but I'm not sure green pajamas and a yellow pirate mask would help Danny Rand any.

    why does this look like he's practicing the ancient art of gentrification

    Of course they made Danny Rand White in Iron Fist. We all know White people are the *real* superior masters of KA-R…

    While many are simply celebrating the plethora of reaction images the trailer made available to us all.

    Danny Rand: *Peanuts teacher voice blah blah so profound Asian stuff* WOC: *sigh*

    This is looking very Your Most Embarrassing College Hookup, But As A Superhero: The Show

    a brief history of Claire Temple reacting to Iron Fist

    Maybe someday I'll be able to look at Netflix's Iron Fist without reflexively rolling my eyes but today is not that…

    Many are also acting out a sort of appropriation fan fiction with Danny Rand at the center.

    "Tis I! The Voice for the Voiceless! Now shut up while I represent you!!"

    Actual thing a professor told me in college: "in Nepal I was the only white person for miles so...I get being a min…

    When Whole Foods has a sale on Organic cheese

    Don't worry though — some have found a silver lining.

    Based on what I've seen so far I'm pretty much going to be watching for Colleen Wing. #IronFist

    iron fist? did you not mean claire temple season 5.

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