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    Reese Witherspoon Just Called Out Hollywood Ageism And Sexism And It Was Beautiful

    "I'll probably have to play your grandmother in the movie, by Hollywood standards."

    Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon was honored at Glamour's annual Women of the Year celebration on Monday night. While she was there she had some praise to make and some tea to spill.

    The praise went to Amy Schumer, because of course: "I hope, Amy Schumer – and all the other incredible nominees – that you'll give me the rights to your biopic first," Witherspoon said.

    The tea spillage went to Hollywood – because of course. "Although, Amy, I'm five years older than you," she said. "So I'll probably have to play your grandmother in the movie, by Hollywood standards, and you'll probably have to play your own mother."

    Aside from the tea spillage and that salt...salting, Witherspoon also name-dropped one of her most beloved characters while speaking about her production company, Pacific Standard.

    “Films with women at the center are not a public service project,” she said. “They are a big-time, bottom line–enhancing, money-making commodity.”

    She also called for better representation of women across fields. "I think we are in a cultural crisis in every field, in every industry."

    "And that really worries me. How can we expect legislation with our rights and needs being preserved if we don't have equal representation?"

    Elle Woods has spoken, y'all.

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