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17 Signs You're A True Ravenpuff

Some of us are just Hogwarts divergents, man.

Diving into the Hogwarts house system is a great exercise in self-examination.

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But sometimes you don't come out of it purely one house. Because you are a human, and you are complex and beautiful.

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So this is for all you lovelies out there who identify as a Ravenpuff. I'm right there with ya, friends.

1. Your brain is always fighting between the earnest and the critical.

2. As a result, other people sometimes have a hard time telling when you're being earnest vs. when you're being sarcastic or wry.

3. You're not uber competitive — except for with yourself.

4. You find yourself very attracted to fandom, where dedication and overthinking are both welcomed and encouraged.

5. You spend an inordinate amount of time trying to surround yourself with people who are both fiercely intelligent and steadfastly kindhearted.

6. Blending the highbrow with the lowbrow is your jam — it's just automatically what your brain does.

7. You're constantly torn between voicing your opinion and not stepping on anyone else's toes.

8. And you're constantly torn between your own stubbornness and your values of open-minded tolerance.

9. You try to use your creativity to benefit others wherever you can.

10.You can't help but jump in on debates.

11. It frustrates you when people aren't willing to debate pros and cons.

12. And when people aren't willing to traverse through the nuances of every situation.

13. But you have a hard time letting go of a debate until people understand.

14. Sometimes this gets the best of you when you act morally superior or like a know-it-all.

15. You have a rock solid work ethic, but only for the things you're really passionate about. This can become a pain in the ass while in required classes.

16. Finding a career/path you're genuinely passionate about was of upmost importance to you because you knew how much energy one you weren't into would drain you.

17. You're constantly contradicting yourself, your opinions, and rethinking your place in the world.

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