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    15 Body Trends That Are The Next Big Thing

    Forget the thigh gap, here comes the next big wave in this season of Having A Body.

    1. Hand Creping

    And-one / Getty Images

    You know those lines that mark your hands? There's no need to be ashamed of them anymore! Embrace your hand crepes — flaunt them.

    2. Toe Topography

    Vladimirfloyd / Getty Images

    The natural curves of your feet are the perfect accessories for your toenail art.

    3. The Forehead Smize

    Fuse / Getty Images

    Are you a human person above the age of 25? You are finally trending! The signs of ageing are sweeping foreheads ever. Go ahead: Try smiling with just the skin between your eyebrows and your hair. Isn't it fun?

    4. Leg Cleavage

    StandbyPictures / Getty Images

    That crease your leg makes when it meets itself — that's the sweet spot. Fold it just right and pair it with whatever other types of cleavage you have at your disposal. Your Instagram followers will thank you later when they've embraced their own cleave.

    5. Limb Ambiguity

    Ilkafranz_com / Getty Images

    Which limb is this? Is it an arm? A leg? A fascinating neck? Your Instagram followers might not know, but it'll certainly keep them wondering.

    6. Pore Acknowledgement

    Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

    In a shocking but empowering move, celebrities on social media are beginning to admit that the small holes in their skin actually exist and that it's OK that they be visible to the human eye.

    7. Auntbod

    Juriah Mosin / Getty Images

    Ask your aunt how she got her bod. Bodies with nieces and/or nephews are all the rage.

    8. Belly-Ups

    Ssuaphoto / Getty Images

    The Belly-up is a belly-button close-up. Really hold your mortality close by sharing this sign of your mammalian birth. Really let your camera dig deep.

    9. Tongue Droop

    Utkamandarinka / Getty Images

    Let your tongue droop. Just let it drop right there.

    10. Embryo Belly

    Ferlistockphoto / Getty Images

    It's been happening since the dawn of humanity, but if you're pregnant right now it's especially timely — because who isn't really? You gotta ride this trend while it's fresh, because otherwise what's the damn point?

    11. Armpit Voids

    Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

    This oft-ignored body part is in the infancy of its fame if you really think about it. Its time is coming, and we best all prepare.

    12. Kneeface Selfies

    Marcogarrincha / Getty Images

    Have you ever stared into the abyss of the faces that live on your knees? Now is the time, because everyone's doing it.

    13. Necklids

    Malyugin / Getty Images

    Those creases in your neck caused by the strain of holding up your brain, skull, miscellaneous flesh, and your general existence? It has a name now. You can call them necklids. And for the next 20 minutes you should aspire to them.

    14. Teeth

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    Do you have the ability to chew solid food? Congratulations! You're the next big thing.

    15. The Corporeal Form

    Michaeljung / Getty Images

    One day soon the human body may be in style. It has to happen sometime.

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