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    18 Times Dany Targaryen Lit Your Soul On Fire

    Every time Dany rolls her eyes at nonsense, a dragon gets its wings.

    1. Remember that time Daenerys Targaryen's brother thought he could control and subdue her and it just made her the strongest she'd ever been?

    2. She's a khaleesi for life, even if she did eventually embrace her true identity as Queen Of the World.

    3. There's this time she casually woke up after walking into a building of fire and she suddenly had dragon babies and an army all her own.

    4. This scene is so legendary my dreams are just this on repeat every night.


    5. Because you don't fucking mess with Daenerys Targaryen.

    6. Even in casual moments, like when she just sat on this rock next to hella-dangerous animals and watched her puppies play.

    7. Look at her just casually stroking this MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON.

    8. And she keeps her promises, too; her brother betrayed her, and her brother had to go.

    9. Dany's boss. Everywhere.

    10. And every time Dany rolls her eyes at nonsense a dragon gets its wings.

    HBO / Via

    11. Let's not forget the time she made it clear she had big priorities she wouldn't compromise on.

    12. Dany makes her own rules.

    13. Honestly there should be an entire spin-off of Dany ordering people out of her sight.

    14. Dany giveth life, Dany taketh away.


    15. Dany literally eats hearts.

    HBO / Via


    16. And misogynists will not escape her wrath.

    17. How many iconic moments can one young woman have?


    18. Long live Daenerys Targaryen, queen of us all.

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