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19 Things Superfans Will Recognize From The Peak "Harry Potter" Era

Harry Potter is still going strong in our hearts. But OG superfans will probably remember these things specifically.

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2. And getting your costume in order because you know you had to be ON. POINT. And might even land in a newspaper if you pulled off the Dumbledore beard or those Weasley freckles.


3. Not to mention becoming very well-acquainted with the concept of lines and how to survive them in style with your squad.

4. Staying up as late as humanly possible after getting your hands on a new Harry Potter book so you could finish reading before the world spoiled you.

6. The amount of merchandise you owned as you tried to cobble together a wizarding life for yourself out of hunks of plastic from Target was at times astonishing.


14. Not being able to picture your life after the last Harry Potter book came out because who even knew what havoc that was going to wreak on your world.


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