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    15 Moments In "Jenny From The Block" That We Should Still Be Talking About To This Day

    "Jenny From the Block" was basically J.Lo's "Blank Space." Really makes you think.

    1. This weird surveillance camera timelapse moment.

    Who is watching J.Lo???

    2. This hair and makeup look, the perfect blend of the '60s and the early '00s.

    3. This glimpse of Bennifer.

    4. This iconic look, which so many of us tried to emulate.

    5. These hand moves.

    6. These rocks. (Don't be fooled by them.)

    7. And while we're at it, this frosted lipgloss.

    8. This commentary on the paparazzi's ability to twist the truth.

    It LOOKS like Bennifer's having a fight. But really J.Lo just has some dust in her eye, or maybe an eyelash.

    9. This shoutout to the bare, lavish, and public nature of Ben and Jen's relationship.

    10. And this legendary butt kiss.

    11. This reminder that J.Lo sees you, because JLo sees all.

    12. THIS LOOK.

    13. THESE MOVES.

    This reminder of J.Lo's character development (and the fact that she loves us).

    And this reminder that being real is like breathing to J.Lo.

    14. This laugh in the face of the tabloids.

    15. Literally just the whole damn thing. Relive it here:

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