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Posted on Oct 11, 2015

Marvel Reveals Carrie-Anne Moss Is Playing Genderbent Character In "Jessica Jones"

Here. For. It.

Jessica Jones, Marvel's second Netflix series, premieres next month, and the cast and creators stopped by New York Comic-Con this weekend to finally actually tell us some more details about the series.

Marvel / Netflix

One of those dropped details? The reveal of who The Matrix's iconic Carrie-Anne Moss will be playing.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Though she was billed as "Harper" until this weekend, it was revealed at NYCC that Moss will be playing a character known in the comics as Jeryn Hogarth.

Marvel / Netflix

In the comics Hogarth is a lawyer and businessman with connections to Iron Fist — the latter of whom will eventually fight alongside Jessica Jones in Defenders.

Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Netflix world, Hogarth will look a little different.

Marvel Comics
Frazer Harrison / Staff

And we are here for it, TBH.

Warner Bros.

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