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    17 Reasons We Still Want To Live In The Movie "Practical Magic"

    I will never stop lusting after the life this movie presented.

    Let's be honest, '90s witches gifted us with an aesthetic we're still trying to achieve today.

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    It is the true landscape of our souls.

    And Practical Magic is PEAK casual '90s witch aesthetic. It presented a world we're still eager to lose ourselves in.

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    1. This movie was, after all, the site of the blessed union between '90s goddesses Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.

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    Pretty much everyone wanted to be them in the '90s.

    2. Nicole's Gillian Owens embodied everything brassy and unapologetic...

    And it was somehow inspirational even when she was making terrible decisions.

    3. While Sandra's Sally Owens embodied looking fly in maxi skirts and gazing windswept and soulfully into the horizon.

    She also taught us how to embrace your ~inner power~ and say yes to love.

    4. They were raised by the best matriarchs of all time – Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest. They look like they stepped out of an Edwardian dramedy in which they were husband-stealing widows.

    5. Let's face it: These kids were sad because of that whole orphan thing, but their lives were GOALS.

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    That kitten??? All that fruit??? TAKE US HERE.

    6. And this sisterhood was so deep and so real you couldn't help but want to be a part of it.

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    7. They made fire with their breath. THEY LITERALLY BREATHED FIRE. BEAUTIFUL, GRACEFUL πŸ”₯.

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    9. And you will literally never convince me that that margarita scene doesn't make you want to get up and dance with your entire house. At midnight.

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    10. Practical Magic believed in love in that big, sweeping way. Who doesn't want to live all up in that?

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    11. Sure, it also acknowledged that sometimes shit can get really ugly – but it also showed how a support system can combat that.

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    There's always going to be a shitty side. But the Owens sisters showed us the true love #goals in this movie. (Disclaimer: Legally I feel I should tell you not to murder anyone.)

    12. The Owens sisters had to learn to grapple with their own power and their own mistakes, and they did it so gracefully.

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    13. This movie painted a picture of a life we'll probably always pine after. We mere mortals could only ever hope to look this cool.

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    14. And living in a Victorian manor in a small coastal town? Being known as the village witches? THAT WOULD BE SO FABULOUS.

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    15. In this fictional life our magic would from time to time result in some ~drama~, but it wouldn't be as stressful as it is on all those superhero shows.

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    It'd mostly be small, ethically questionable charms and the ability to jump off the roof unharmed on Halloween.

    16. Eventually Aidan Quinn would come to us with his mismatched eyes and we'd make out.

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    17. And we'd always have a sisterhood β€” because, as this movie teaches us, there's a little witch inside of everyone. That's just the magic of Practical Magic.

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    May it never die.

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