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    Get Your Whole Damn Life From The First Trailer For Marvel's "Luke Cage"

    *Rips shirt open* *Screams into the night waiting for The Defenders.*

    Luke Cage hits Netflix on September 30, which means we get to spend the time between now and then having a lot of feelings about Mike Colter and the bulletproof superhero he's playing.

    Marvel / Netflix

    Though let's be real: We're going to be spending some time after September 30 having these feelings, as well.

    Which is lucky for us. So, so lucky. Especially now that the first trailer is out:

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    We open with Luke Cage pondering his powers and just wanting to be left the hell alone. But clearly that's not a thing that's going to happen.

    Marvel / Netflix / Via

    He's literally a superhuman with his own TV show now. Luke Cage is never going to get the naps he wants ever again.

    Luckily he's got some amazing people around him. For example: Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple, AKA the most long-suffering and underappreciated woman in the Marvel Netflix universe.

    Marvel / Netflix / Via

    And Alfre Woodard's Mariah Dillard, who really loves Harlem.

    Marvel / Netflix / Via

    It should be noted that Woodard also appeared in Captain America: Civil War – credited as a woman named Miriam – who guilted Tony Stark about the Avengers' responsibility in his son's death. How will this factor in? WHO KNOWS.

    There's also Simone Missick's Misty Knight, the first black woman hero we're getting in the MCU.

    Marvel / Netflix / Via

    And House Of Cards' Mahershala Ali, playing Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, and who seems like...less of a good guy.

    But IDK, I feel like Luke and Misty can take him.

    Marvel / Netflix / Via

    You can't take Luke Cage down.

    Marvel / Netflix / Via

    Bring it on.

    Marvel / Netflix / Via

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