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    Mark Ruffalo's Still The Cutest Dad On Instagram

    Fluffalo forever.

    Mark Ruffalo's been on the set of the next Thor movie for a while now, Hulking it up.

    Mark Ruffalo / Via

    ^^^Very official Hulk business.

    But his last day on the set of Thor: Ragnarok was this week, and it was emotional all around.

    Mark Ruffalo / Via

    His co-star, Tessa Thompson, bid him adieu from the makeup trailer.

    Tessa Thompson / Via

    And Ruffles himself said goodbye with this selfie he took with the movie's director, Taika Waititi.

    Mark Ruffalo / Via

    He also posted some fan art his daughter drew of the Hulk. Look at those biceps.

    He also showed us a lot of facial hair secrets.

    And we could always count on him for a Hemsworth creepshot.

    We were never even there, but we'll miss you being on that Thor set, Ruffles.

    It was a good time.

    💚Long live Ruffles, long live Hulk💚.

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