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    We As A Society Need To Remember The Destiny's Child Episode Of "Cribs"

    It's a masterpiece.

    A long, long time ago, on a TV channel a long way from the internet, there was a show called Cribs that showed us ~inside the homes of celebrities~.

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    In modern times that is called Snapchat.

    The show featured many gems, including but not at all limited to an infant Josh Hutcherson pointing out his Oscars wallpaper.

    But the episode we need to talk about today, friends, is the one that featured Destiny's Child. We must hold this episode close in our cultural memory for all the days to come.

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    First of all, Baby Solange lived in the garage...

    MTV / Via

    ...and her beadspread was both shiny and fuzzy.

    Kelly's room was pretty normal. And she gave us a peek at her VHS collection...

    MTV / Via

    ...along with this Candie's box full of memorabilia from her exes.

    MTV / Via

    Yes, they make an "Independent Women" joke here.

    There's also this shade.

    (It should be noted that Michelle did not live in this house with Beyoncé's family and Kelly — she's just along for the ride.)

    There's also this much-needed cameo by Popeyes.

    MTV / Via

    But come on. You know we need to talk about Beyoncé's room.

    It's full of wonders.

    MTV / Via

    For example, in her attached bathroom Beyoncé's sink was literally lined with CARVINGS OF FAIRY TALES.

    MTV / Via

    This was Beyoncé's bed.

    MTV / Via

    The bedspread was custom-made (and designed by her mother, Tina). The bed frame is, according to the girls, the bed from the movie Devil's Advocate.

    And this is Beyoncé's DRESSER.

    MTV / Via

    She says it was her favorite piece in the room and that she likes it because it reminds her of Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle."

    And this is the corner filled with pillows where Beyoncé would lie down and dream all her big dreams.

    MTV / Via

    After the tour, they all put on these teeth.

    MTV / Via

    NEVER FORGET. You can rejoice in the full segment here. Never let it go.

    ~Tell us in the comments what you think Beyoncé's dresser and sink look like NOW~.

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