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What Characters Do You Ship Who've Never Met Each Other?

Whether you want to see them smooch or just see them take on the world together, who are your crossover faves?

Listen, we all know fandom feelings can get a little mixed up sometimes.

You pick one fandom up, become obsessed, fall hopelessly in love with one of the characters. Say, for example, this asshole:

And you add it to your pile of fandoms, store it away with the other stories and characters who hold your heart in their hands.

But do you ever have the feeling while watching one show of how great it would be if these characters could just hop universes and help each other out?

Sometimes this instinct might result in some crackshipping...

Balem Abrasax and Pete Campbell would be very happy together, is all I'm saying.

Sometimes you just have a genuine feeling that these two people would like each other a whole lot.

(Even if one of them is technically a cartoon most of the time.)

Sometimes you just know they'd conquer the world together if provided the opportunity.

Just think, for example, of how many tyrants would topple at the hands of Furiosa and Katniss Everdeen.

Imagine the matriarchal paradise these women would create.

And would this not be the chillest couple of all time?

Even if we never see this onscreen, this is what we have fandom for.

Buffy and Dean's one of my personal favorites — what're yours?

Cue up a relevant song for inspiration, and tell us what crossover characters YOU want to see together with the tag #longdistanceship on Twitter, Tumblr, or in the comments.

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