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What's The Biggest Thing You Want To See From The "Gilmore Girls" Revival?

Jess or no Jess?

So, eventually there will in all likelihood be more Gilmore Girls in all of our lives.

This is a blessing and a curse, because on the one hand 😍😍😍😍😍 and on the other hand, WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL OF THESE FEELINGS??

But what do we want to actually see once it arrives?

We all have our hopes, dreams, and those things we hope NEVER EVER HAPPEN when it comes to this show.

Do you need a full redemption arc for Jess and Rory? Do you need Lane to have ditched the kids and toured around the world as a rockstar drummer?

Would you rather Luke and Lorelai be married, living in sin, or (GASP) broken up? Do you long for a Gone Girl situation between Rory and Paris?

Do you hope that they follow up on this offer?


Tell us them.

Hit the comments and tell us the thing you most desire to see in a Gilmore Girls return. PAINT US A PICTURE. Figuratively, but also literally, I guess, if you feel like it.