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17 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Capture A Bad Day

*Internal screaming.*

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1. When you're having trouble with that pokerface.

2. When you're lying awake thinking about your every mistake.

3. And when you try your best to put the drama behind you.

4. When every small little thing keeps going wrong.

5. When you've had e-fucking-nough and relate far too much to this man.

6. When you let something real slip in mixed company.

7. When you try to get to the bottom of the problem but it's gonna require way more therapy.

8. Whenever you feel like throwing in the towel.

9. When you try to Homer Simpson back into the bushes but it's too late.


10. When you relate far too heavily to this burrowed lil' doggy.

11. When you know what you really need.

12. Whenever you remember another thing you have to do.

13. When the passage of time gets startling.

14. Whenever this is applicable to any time of day.

15. When proximity to other humans is just too much.

16. When your fight or flight instincts are on the fritz so you just lay there.

17. Whenever the abyss reaches back for you in even your most peaceful moments.

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