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    Meet Your New Favorite Superhero In The First Full Trailer For Marvel's "Jessica Jones"


    The newest entry in Marvel's foray into Netflix is fast approaching, and we've got plenty of reasons to be excited.

    Especially now that the first full trailer for the series is available to FEAST OUR EYES AND HEARTS UPON.

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    Krysten Ritter plays title character Jessica Jones, a woman with superpowers who walked away from the superhero lifestyle to lay low as a P.I.

    The series' main villain is a man named Kilgrave — played by former Doctor Who star David Tennant — who has the terrifying ability to control people's actions.

    The trailer also treats us to our first footage of Mike Colter's Luke Cage — who will be getting his own Netflix series next — and Rachael Taylor's Patricia "Trish" Walker, a character also known as Hellcat in the comics.

    November 20th cannot come fast enough.

    Will you be there?