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    Jessica Chastain Just Wrote A Fire Essay About Gender Equality In Hollywood

    "When you have both genders represented, then you have a healthier point of view."

    Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain has long been outspoken about her thoughts on diversity in Hollywood.

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    "Today is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, so it got me thinking about our need to build the strength of diversity in our industry," Chastain said when she accepted a Critic's Choice MVP Award last January, "and to stand together against homophobic, sexist, misogynist, anti-Semitic, and racist agendas."

    Now she's once again speaking out about the importance of gender equality in Hollywood — as well as the revelatory experience of working with women on the film The Zookeeper's Wife. "I can't tell you — it's amazing."

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    "I've never been on a set with so many women," she wrote.

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    "We're not even 50 percent of the crew — we're probably something like 20 percent women and 80 percent men — but it's way more than I've ever worked with on a film before."

    "I just know that when you have a set with predominantly one gender, whether it be all men or all women, it's not going to be a healthy place."

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    "I imagine it's the same thing in the workforce or other environments: When you have both genders represented, then you have a healthier point of view."

    "In this industry, female filmmakers have had a really hard time of it," she continued.

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    "It's not a valid excuse to say women don't call asking to direct superhero movies. Every female director I've asked if she'd be interested in directing a big movie like that says, "Hell, yeah." And if that's true, it shows how deep-seated the problem is."


    You can read her full essay over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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