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You Definitely Need To Be Following January Jones On Instagram

Hashtag creeper. Hashtag dissed.

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Nailing down exactly who January Jones is as a human person has been a process for us all — maybe because Betty Draper loomed so large for so long as the queen that she was.


There's always been something enigmatic about her.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images


Grant Lamos Iv

Which is why you should really be following her Instagram.

Because it is a glimpse into a glorious mind.

Her caption game is on point, and she gets hella real.

And she knows how to actually use hashtags on Instagram, which so many of us gave up on long ago.

AMC / Via

Besides, sometimes she does selfie series that involve her bathing in fancy necklaces.

Sure, it's inspired by Ricky Gervais.

But when one can look glam in this situation, is there any further proof needed to conclude that Betty Draper will never truly die?

You could never.


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