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16 Times Harry Potter's Life Had No Chill

He had a comical lack of talent for catching a break.

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1. When a bird fucked up all his plans.

2. When he really had to talk himself into believing that he wasn't going to be murdered in the 8th grade.

3. When he really just went for it and committed to this nickname.

4. When his friends just had no idea how to do things.


5. When his stories were way too real for the average middle-schooler.

6. That time he allowed himself to be semi-kidnapped by a stranger who gave him cake.

7. But also proved he was already way too jaded for an 11-year-old.

8. That time he asked the literal leader of the UK wizarding world to sign his school permission slip.

Harry, please.


9. Or when he decided to FLY TO SCHOOL with a fellow twelve-year-old instead of just waiting for an adult.

10. That time he thought he'd finally have a quiet year at Hogwarts and then....

11. And when he thought all his problems has been solved but then a man turned into a rat and scurried off to resurrect the dark lord.

12. This dude definitely had a reputation that preceded him.


13. He literally couldn't escape the drama even when he was tucked away at the most boring place on the planet.

14. It was regularly fucking up even his most rudimentary of goals, like when he just wanted more mail.

15. He wanted his life to be chill so badly he casually brushed off the literal murder vision he had as a headache.

16. But let's not forget that time that the survival of an infant gave his whole world hope.