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What Are Your Tried And True Tips For Surviving Comic-Con?

Tell us hoooooooow.


Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Thousands are descending on Southern California this week for SDCC.

Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images

So it's time to do attendees a solid: GIVE US YOUR TIPS!

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

How do you stay cool in your cosplay?

Mark Davis / Getty Images

What's the best way to go about all the line-waiting?

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

What's your strategy for seeing everything that you want to see?

ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

What do you do about the crowds if you get anxious?

Handout / Getty Images

What do you leave in your room and what do you carry with you all day?

Jerod Harris / Getty Images

TELL US YOUR WISDOM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. Remember: Only you can save someone's Comic-Con.

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