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    Aziz Ansari's Dad Is Winning Everyone Over

    Student, meet teacher.

    When you're launching your own show like Aziz Ansari is, there are a lot of decisions to make. Like who to cast as the token white friend.


    Or who to cast as your own parents. Aziz decided to go with the adorable route for the latter, and cast his own parents as his parents in his upcoming Netflix show Master of None.


    ^^His dad^^

    But it turns out his parents might just be TOO CHARISMATIC for their own son's good.


    "I've seen reviews where they were singling out my dad, like, 'Oh my god, Shoukath Ansari steals the show!' Oh my god, this is not what I wanted to happen at all."

    Aziz, you did this to yourself.


    Have you accepted Shoukath Ansari as the next big thing?


    Watch Aziz explain his father's surging popularity here.

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