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Let's Play “F#@K, Marry, Kill” With The Movies Of 2015

You're gonna fuck the minion, aren't you?

Alright, let's start here I guess. A minion (Minions), Chappie (Chappie), and Vince Chase (Entourage).

Now to the Channings: Jody (The Hateful Eight), Caine (Jupiter Ascending), Mike (Magic Mike XXL).

Here are some more men: Max (Mad Max: Fury Road), Thomas (Crimson Peak), Mark (The Martian)

I refuse to pick, but you've gotta pick: Susan (Spy), Amy (Trainwreck), Maura (Sisters).

I know my choice, but do you know yours? James Bond (Spectre), Adonis Johnson (Creed), Poe Dameron (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

And what of these beauties? Finn (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Katniss (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2), and Cinderella (Cinderella).

Or these? Christian Grey (Fifty Shades Of Grey), Anastasia Steele (Fifty Shades Of Grey), Blue the Raptor (Jurassic World).

Which one of these baddies would you bang? Balem Abrasax (Jupiter Ascending), Lucille Sharpe (Crimson Peak), Ultron (Age Of Ultron).

How do you even? Raymond (San Andreas), Rome (Magic Mike XXL), Letty (Furious 7).

Sort out these Khaleesis. Owen (Jurassic World), Claire (The Boy Next Door), Beca (Pitch Perfect 2).

May 2016 be just as beautiful.