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13 Things That Should Definitely Have Happened In The MCU

Get on it, Marvel.

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1. For one, the world deserved this beautiful homage to Forrest Gump.

2. This bit of glory is always welcome.


3. Then this not what happened?

4. The audience really could have used this meta moment. Just, you know, as a bridge. Just some small acknowledgement.

5. They really could have fleshed out Bucky's reaction to himself a little more.

6. And now that you mention it, having Bucky shout "FOR THE COMIC BOOK REFERENCE" every once in a while would be an interesting way to break the tension.


7. And hey, they should really let Steve curse more.

8. Sometimes a little meta can't hurt.

9. You know this is already what Steve was thinking.

10. This, too.


11. This would have surely added another layer to this interaction.

12. "Fly, my darling dorito" is most definitely a phrase that needs to be uttered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

13. And this one...Well, this one just speaks for itself.