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    Posted on Apr 28, 2017

    Fans Are Devastated That MTV Cancelled "Sweet/Vicious"

    "I was sad when I read this but now I'm just getting angrier and angrier," one fan wrote.

    Fans of the MTV show Sweet/Vicious got bad news on Friday, April 28 when the show's creator, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, announced the show has officially been canceled. Robinson posted the following statement on Twitter:

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this note to the AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL #SweetVicious Fans. We all love you so mu…

    "To say I am devastated would be the understatement of the year," she wrote.

    The fictional series followed two young women who acted as vigilantes against rapists on their college campus. An MTV spokesperson also offered a statement, writing that the network is "extremely proud of this critically acclaimed series" and "deeply disappointed such an impactful show did not find a larger audience."


    You can read the full statement here:

    “MTV has decided to not move forward with a second season of Sweet/Vicious. We are extremely proud of this critically acclaimed series and are deeply disappointed such an impactful show did not find a larger audience. Sweet/Vicious was a show we loved from the start, with empowering female leads and a message we believe in. We are grateful the series started a much needed dialogue around sexual assault, and thank the talented Jennifer Robinson, Amanda Lasher, Stacey Sher and the stellar cast, writers and producers for creating such a timely and thought provoking series.”

    Cast members of the show also took to Twitter to express their feelings on the cancelation.

    I write this with a heavy heart. But we continue to love you, believe you and stand with you. Thank you for being…

    Sending all the love to my #SweetVicious family. Forever grateful to have been a part of such an incredibly important & beautiful story ❤️❤️

    I love you all. Please know we will always fight to have your stories heard

    Fans started to join in the conversation as well. Many expressed what the show meant to them as a thoughtful portrayal of sexual assault and its aftermath.

    @JennKaytin @ElizaBennett @taylor_dearden @StaceySher @amandakumquat I legit just burst into tears. This show saved my life. Thank you.

    @JennKaytin @ElizaBennett @taylor_dearden @StaceySher @amandakumquat I am so fucking heartbroken. thank you for thi…


    tw/ can't believe y'all let /this/ get cancelled

    i was sad when i read this but now i just keep getting angrier and angrier,,listen,,,i love you and us sweet/viciou…

    I'm really ticked off. Most of my mutuals who are r*pe survivors saw comfort in sweet/vicious and now it's gone.

    Sexual assault is an issue and #SweetVicious addressed it and showed ppl who have been through it that They are NOT alone! They CAN overcome

    @JennKaytin @ElizaBennett @taylor_dearden @StaceySher @amandakumquat It's so fucking frustrating that mediocre and…

    To everyone who was part of #SweetVicious, I want to say thank you for all that you have done. You've changed lives. I'm so proud of you all

    @SweetVicious @taylor_dearden @JennKaytin @ElizaBennett @nickfink_

    mtv cancels #sweetvicious with 2 days left of sexual assault awareness month... ok...

    Some called out MTV directly for the choice.

    Can't believe MTV cancelled Sweet Vicious 😭 it's such an important show

    Cannot believe I woke up to news that @MTV has cancelled #SweetVicious WORST DECISION

    @MTV you were actually doing something right for a change with sweet/vicious, why the fuck would you cancel such an important show to ppl

    Actions speak louder than words and by canceling #SweetVicious @MTV showed that it has no interest in being taken for a serious network

    Shame on @MTV. #SweetVicious was its strongest chance at entering the prestige TV arena during era of "peak TV."

    Literally Sweet/Vicious was such an important show,and i'm really disappointed with MTV for cancelling it

    How could they cancel this show it's so important they didn't give it enough fucking promo #SweetVicious

    can't believe @MTV canceled Sweet/Vicious, literally the only good content MTV has put out since the 90s??? WHY WOULD U

    And others said they're hoping the show gets picked up on another network.

    i'm gonna pick up sweet/vicious and air it myself with my zero dollars

    @netflix Want 2 more heroes that address sexual assault ON TOP of the perfect show that is @JessicaJones ? @SweetVicious is available.

    Hey @hulu . You have the opportunity to make a show that is so important. Pick up @SweetVicious . This show is beautiful and so necessary.

    @netflix Want to add an amazing show to your streaming service? @SweetVicious would make an amazing addition.

    If the universe has any kindness it will give #SweetVicious another home.

    People even specifically shouted out Netflix with the tag #NetflixBuySweetVicious to get the ball rolling even more.

    the story of survivors deserves to be told #JusticeForSweetVicious #NetflixBuySweetVicious @netflix

    Because this show is too good and too important to not be renewed #NetflixBuySweetVicious #SweetVicious

    please. the world needs a show like this one #NetflixBuySweetVicious

    Robinson did note in her statement that the creative team behind the show would do "everything [they] can to find this show another home."


    Maybe there's hope yet.


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