Marcus Scribner Would Really, Really Like To Be Miles Morales

    He also had a meeting with Marvel that he's being pretty coy about.

    In recent years, a lot of Marvel casting buzz has centered around Spider-Man — Peter Parker and Miles Morales alike. Especially given the recent announcement that Sony's upcoming animated Spider-Man feature will focus on Miles.

    Enter Marcus Scribner. The 17-year-old actor is currently known as Junior on Black-ish, but his name has long been part of fan conversations about Miles. He's also been pretty vocal about his interest in the character.

    @MrGuldin @dangerbowie @BlackGirlNerds @marvelstudios1 @Marvel Just want 2 put it out there I would be so honored to play Miles Morales!!!

    "I think the first time I saw someone connect me to the role was on Twitter," Scribner told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. "Before they announced Spider-Man: Homecoming, people were talking about ‘Oh, maybe the next Spider-Man will be Miles Morales.’ And as they were talking about who could play the role, people were just spamming my name."

    @Marvel @ALBaroza thank you for the support, I'd just love to have the opportunity to audition. This would be a dream role to play!!

    "It’s super exciting to see people associating me with this role," Scribner said. "It’s definitely an honor. I would love to play Miles — I mean, who knows."

    "I love comic books," Scribner said. "One of my biggest dream roles is to play a superhero, especially in the Marvel universe. Miles Morales is probably my favorite iteration of Spider-Man."

    Scribner also tweeted, a few months back, about a meeting at Marvel headquarters.

    Thanks for stopping by Marvel HQ, @MarcusScribner! @black_ishABC

    I'll be back before you know it!!

    When asked about the visit, Scribner laughed. "I don’t want to give away too many details. But it was a really fun trip, going over to Marvel and getting to see all of the comic books that they had up there," he said. "It was nice. I don’t want to say too much."

    And when asked if he'd been cast in anything Marvel or Marvel-related, he had only two words: "No comment."

    So, um??? Who knows 👀??? Maybe Scribner will be suiting up sooner rather than later???