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    Posted on Sep 20, 2016

    Marvel Just Assigned An Avenger To Every State For Their Newest Variant Covers

    Which Avenger guards your home state?

    Marvel Comics is gearing up to launch a new series: U.S.Avengers, which follows a super-spy agency designed by the United States government to take over for the fallen S.H.I.E.L.D. But, you know, more trustworthy. Hopefully.

    Marvel Comics

    To celebrate the title’s launch, Marvel is releasing 50 variant covers — one for every state, with art by Rod Reis — and they’ve assigned an Avenger to each one. Canada and Puerto Rico will also be getting variants.

    Let the competition for your favorite Avenger begin with an exclusive look at eight of the variants below:

    Steve Rogers' Captain America got Delaware.

    Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

    While Sam Wilson's Captain America got Maryland.

    Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

    Luke Cage is the Avenger of choice for New York.

    Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

    Iron Man's all up on California.

    Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

    Black Widow's all up on Connecticut.

    Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

    Beast has Illinois.

    Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

    The Winter Solider's got Indiana.

    Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

    While Spectrum's got Louisiana.

    Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

    The rest you'll have to wait to see. U.S.Avengers #1 is written by Al Ewing, with art by Paco Medina. The first book comes out in January.

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