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Emma Watson Is Starting A Feminist Book Club And Wants You To Name It

Are you ready for the "fEMMAnist book club"?

Emma Watson, Goodwill Ambassador For UN Women and all-around ~magical~ lady, is starting a feminist book club.

For the record, Bell Hooks will of course be on the reading list.

But, team, she needs help naming it. "Emma Watson's Book Club" or "Feminist Book Club" simply will not do.

Given her 20 million Twitter followers, people did indeed have some thoughts.

Some were thoughtful thoughts, if confusing.

Some were a lot.

Emma, always the magnanimous ruler, agreed to invite Taylor Swift and J.K. Rowling to the party.

This one sounds like the future biopic about the creation of this book club takes place in the British countryside.

Some tied into the brand.

Of course, many went into a Harry Potter direction immediately.

Including multiple quality S.P.E.W. opportunities.

But, fam, I think we can agree that this is clearly the winner.

Still, I suppose we should vote.

  1. What should Emma Watson's new feminist book club be called?

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What should Emma Watson's new feminist book club be called?
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    Emma Watson's Book Club. Straightforward.
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    The Feminist Book Club. Also straightforward.
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    #ReadForShe, on-brand.
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    Hermione's Army, in honor of a hero.
    vote votes
    Some variation that spells out S.P.E.W.
    vote votes
    Iron Rose, for iron and roses.
    vote votes
    Fun Coven Times
    vote votes
    Literary Squad Goals
    vote votes
    A Novel Idea
    vote votes
    Feminist Happy Hour
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    FEMMAnist Book Club, obviously.
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    Something not listed here. (Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!)

UPDATE: Watson landed on "Our Shared Self." But we will always hold "FEMMAnism" in our hearts.

I've decided to go with 'Our Shared Shelf'. @emilyfabb - I absolutely loved this. Thank you, thank you x