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"The 100" Season 3 Trailer Is Finally Here And It's A Lot To Handle

As the proverb says: Everything happens so much.

It feels like it's been a small eternity since The 100 last slaughtered our hearts β€” but here it is, back for more.

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After Clarke's dramatic exit last season, she's changed up her wardrobe a bit and is feeling very understandably tortured.

The CW

And, clearly, she's still holding a bit of a grudge against Lexa.

The CW

There also seem to be...some other things between them.

Bellamy, too, remains hella tortured.

The CW

So does Jasper.

The CW

And Raven.

The CW

Octavia, too.

The CW

It's pretty safe to assume that everyone is tortured.

The CW

There's also this new guy, who is very yelly.

The CW

And β€” SURPRISE! β€” there's more war happening!

The CW

Apparently there is never not war.

There's a lot to process until January 21, 2016, you guys.

The CW
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