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Michelle Williams And Busy Philipps Reminisced About Who They Made Out With On "Dawson's Creek"

I mean, who doesn't like to sit with friends and remember all the people they've made out with?

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In case you didn't already know, the very talented actors Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams are still best friends, 15+ years after they met on the set of Dawson's Creek.

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It's a love story for the ages.

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Recently, the two have been reunited as they're both in Boston filming the movie I Feel Pretty (which is also codirected and cowritten by Marc Silverstein, Philipps's husband).

busyphilipps / Instagram / Via

Here they are while on set last week.


While they're in Massachusetts, they've been hanging out in some pretty Dawson's Creek-esque looking places, which makes sense, considering Massachusetts is where Dawson's Creek was set (even though the show wasn't actually filmed there). Philipps pointed out the visual similarities on her Instastory over the weekend.

And as Philipps and Williams took in the scenery, they also reminisced about the Creek — specifically, who they got to make out with during their years on the show.

PSA: Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams are in Massachusetts rn reminiscing about who they made out with on Dawson…

But really it was Williams' character — Jen Lindley — who got all the action. She even had a threesome, not to mention an on-screen romance with Michael Pitt.

I mean who hasn't sat on a porch reminiscing about who they've made out with in their lives


They seemed very impressed with the success of Supernatural, which Ackles went on to star in as Dean Winchester.

My fave is the two of them marveling at the ongoing success of Jensen Ackles and Supernatural. "They have their own…

Philipps pointed out that Supernatural even has its own fan conventions and everything.

You can take the girls out of the Creek, but you can't take the Creek out of the girls. Especially when they're in a location that looks alarmingly like the creek itself.

You can take the girls out of the Creek, etc....

Dawson's Creek may have ended, but this friendship is forever.

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