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Here's What It Looks Like In The Real-Life Stars Hollow

Let's take a walk through IRL Stars Hollow.

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In October 1999, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, Daniel Palladino, took a vacation to the tiny town of Washington Depot, Connecticut. It’s there that they got the inspiration for the town in which their soon-to-be-created show would take place: Stars Hollow.

So when the Connecticut town of Washington played host to the first-ever Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in October 2016, BuzzFeed News headed there to see what the real-life hamlet that inspired Stars Hollow was like.

It should be noted that other towns in the area were also funneled into Stars Hollow: Sherman-Palladino told the Hartford Courant in 2002 that she "borrowed from a lot of towns, but the location is a bit more Litchfield [County]," where Washington and many other picturesque hamlets are located. But Washington is absolutely the most iconically connected one.


Washington Depot, where Sherman-Palladino stayed, is one of five villages within the town of Washington.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

Aside from Washington Depot, the other villages are Washington Green, New Preston (where the inspiration for the famous gazebo lives), Marbledale, and Woodville.


The drive to Hartford from Washington is a little over an hour, 30 minutes longer than the the trip from Stars Hollow to Lorelai’s hometown in the series.


When Sherman-Palladino came to Washington Depot all those years ago, she stayed at the Mayflower Inn. This served as the inspiration for both the Independence Inn and, later, the Dragonfly Inn that Lorelai opens herself.

The town itself is so isolated that its only cell service provider is AT&T. If you're visiting with any other coverage, you likely won't have service.

Big tents went up in front of the town hall, in which cast members from the show gave workshops and fans watched episodes like “Bracebridge Dinner.”


...and there are times when it bears a striking spiritual resemblance. Like when you see the decor just inside the George Washington Tavern near the center of town.

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