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DC Fans Are Not Pleased With Reviews Of "Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice"

#ConspiracyTheory #Illuminati

Here are some headlines of reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:

And here is the Rotten Tomatoes rating.

In the wake of this EPICALLY SAVAGE SHREDDING, there's an interesting ~conspiracy theory~ circling among DC fans on Twitter...

I'm starting to think Marvel paid off some of these critics that are reviewing Batman vs Superman.

Okay. How much did @Marvel pay these "critics" to review #BatmanvSuperman they I smell conspiracy.

I'm sure Rotten Tomatoes were paid by Marvel to give bad reviews..

You can tell these reviewers are paid off by Marvel, when the same people who praised Age of Ultron are now trash talking #BatmanvSuperman.

Read a lot of reviews saying that Batman vs Superman sucked but I honestly believe that Marvel has paid off a bunch of critics..

The critics are trying to kill Batman vs Superman. Marvel paid them off. #conspiracytheory

If it's not the Marvel illuminati, fans insist it's that deep-seated Marvel bias.

I knew since they announced BvS critics would shit on it. They went into BvS with their review already typed. if you cant see the bias

Also ur wank marvel revieews of bvs is so transparent like bye idc if u like marvel more ur bias review is dummbbbbbbbbbbb

Rotten tomatoes: IronMan3-79% BvS-37% biggest load of bias crap I have ever seen! I love both Marvel & DC but this is flat out ridiculous

My thoughts on the biased reviews (and yes they are bias) for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I saw the movie and ENJOYED it completely

when bvs is considered the best comic book movie of all time but the critics start coming in with their marvel bias

In response, critics — and people who just don't believe the Disney illuminati are paying off critics — have entered the ring to defend themselves.

Guys, there's no conspiracy. it is just a bad movie.

Marvel didn't pay me to trash Batman V Superman in my review. I swear.

.@Marvel I wrote a bad review of Batman v Superman where's my check

@Marvel When is my pay check coming? I already wrote my strongly worded negative review for #BatmanvSuperman HAIL HYDRA

Alternately, they just embraced it.

Thank you Marvel for paying the tab at film critic karaoke tonight!

Hey, critics! Stop leaving me out of this conspiracy where you're getting sweet, sweet Marvel cash to hate DC movies. I need to pay rent.

Hey nerds, Marvel also paid us critics to break into your houses and make your Batman and Superman action figures kiss